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It's not a diet, It's a lifestyle

Healthier Choices
For a Healthier You.

Helping you add more plants into your diet and more movement into your busy life in ways that are sustainable.

Nutrition Strategies

Guidance on the best way to get all of your macro and micronutrients on a daily basis through a whole food plant-based diet.

Support & Motivation

Ongoing accountability, support and encouragement.

Meal Planning

Meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes to make this new lifestyle as easy as possible.

Pick Plants 4 Life

Your Trusted Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach

Have you been wanting to incorporate more plants into your diet, but feel a little overwhelmed with the process? You might be worried about how you can maintain this new lifestyle once you take the plunge, or worried about your lack of knowledge when making plant based meals. You also might be a bit uncertain about giving up familiar foods. You want to go vegan, but can you maintain such a huge lifestyle change?

With Pick Plants 4 Life’s online lifestyle consultation, you can put all these worries aside.

We have all the answers to your questions, and our approach to the plant-based lifestyle is proven to help!

When you turn to Pick Plants 4 Life’s online consultation , our coach, Kerri Hampton, will walk with you every step of the way to help you transition to a sustainable plant-based lifestyle.

Pick Plants For Life

When Do You Need Plant-Based Consultation?

When it comes to plant-based lifestyle coaching, you’ll find lots of useful information from our website. However, it’s best to talk things out sometimes. We also know that people have different ways in which they learn best.

Our website is called Pick Plants 4 Life because that’s what we can help you with – to ensure that you successfully transition to a plant-based lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life. We don’t simply preach. Kerri answers all your questions regarding the plant-based lifestyle.

Not all our clients who are looking for personal plant-based lifestyle coaching online are completely vegan. And that’s completely fine because we honor everyone’s personal stories, goals, and progress.

That is why we know that sometimes, nothing beats talking to someone who cares about your progress, no matter how small, and understands your struggles and goals. We’ve been there, so we know how to help those who are going through it.

How Our Plant-Based Lifestyle Consultation Works

We acknowledge that we all have different goals, health conditions, tastes, timelines, and access to resources. That is why our individual plant-based lifestyle consultation is 100% personalized to each client.

As your plant-based lifestyle consultant, we’ll be there to answer any kind of question that may arise as you transition to the plant-based lifestyle.

So, if you are thinking about transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol, or improve your digestion, Pick Plants 4 Life is here to help! We can help you develop new and healthy habits as you take the plunge into a plant-based life.

During our one-on-one sessions, we will help you set achievable goals, identify potential obstacles, and find effective solutions that will help you take control of your health once and for all.

Schedule a free initial consultation with us today! Schedule a free initial consultation with us today!

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